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The good, the bad, and the very, very ugly.

May 20, 2012

“I’m sort of thinking about training for a marathon.”

This has been my stock line when people ask about my running (based largely, I’m sure, on my near-constant facebook updates about running).   Those non-committal words always gave me an out, a chance to quit it all and plunk myself on the sofa for the next four months.  But as my physical therapist said, I’m “kind of a goal person” so, yeah, I have a tendency to set up goals whose length, breadth, and logic make really no sense to anyone but me. But it gets me through.

So I set this arbitrary goal. My “kinda sorta” statement has been followed by a declaration that as soon as I could run 10 miles without dying, I’d register for the marathon.  On Wednesday, I surpassed that goal, running a little over 10 1/2 miles nonstop without need for medical assistance. In fact it felt good– really good.

Except for my toe. I have all sorts of aches and pains, but earlier this week I developed a blister underneath my the nail on my second toe. Sure it hurt during the run, but running long distances, stuff is going to hurt.  What I wasn’t prepared for what I would see when I took off my sock.  The blister is now bubbling out the bottom of my toenail, so said toenail is just floating on a bubble of blister.  Yup, it’s gross. So here is my very, very ugly

Which brings me to the bad.  After pushing myself to get to my 10 miles, I now have to take a break, ease back, and let myself heal. I know that taking a break will help by body, I know down the line I’ll be glad I took care of this blister before it got too bad, but it’s pretty disappointing to get to a goal, to finally cross that imaginary but sturdy threshold of preparedness to officially train for the marathon, and now I have to sit on my hands and wait for it to heal. I don’t do so good with the waiting. I like to throw myself in, jump in and bathe in the process, and add, not hover or move backwards.  But I’ll have to learn to.   That’s why they call it a marathon.


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One Comment
  1. Amanda permalink

    I didn’t even know you could get a blister UNDER your nail. Gross. I love the picture.

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