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13.1 Miles: Halfway There.

June 15, 2012

I ran 13.1 miles on Tuesday.  After a ten mile run in my minimalist Merrill Barefoot shoes, I wasn’t sure my calves could handle another long run (I was in my old, now-very-clunky-feeling sneakers), so I set out with an indeterminate goal, but a hope for 13 (point one! can’t forget that!). My calves and hip hurt, so I was almost a full minute mile slower than usual, but I did it.

It’s hard to believe I’m halfway there. I spent a good amount of the last few days smiling and patting myself on the back, but somewhere deep inside a voice murmured…

But are you ready to do that…twice?

I pushed myself as far as I felt my body could take it. I feel a huge accomplishment running a half-marathon, but that’s just it. I’m halfway there.  A long summer of hot, lazy days and travel and fun are crowding my road ahead.  I’m worried about being able to be focused, stay motivated, and keep pushing myself.  But there I am…halfway to go.



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